Where Can I Learn Bookkeeping?

You might be wondering - Where can I learn bookkeeping. After 20 years in bookkeeping I have seen that there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of formal training for bookkeepers. I personally learned to do bookkeeping on the job, first doing the books for my own cleaning business and then for my friends’ construction company. I enjoyed working with numbers and organizing things, so it was easy for me to stay motivated.

Despite this seeming lack of supply of training, the good news is that you can still learn bookkeeping in different ways that will fit your budget and get you off to a good start. For example, I got started by jumping in and learning along the way. I used QuickBooks Pro and got bookkeeping advice from a friend who was an experienced bookkeeper. When I finally took a home study course my learning of the subject increased to the point I was confident to start my own bookkeeping business.

You Can Learn on the Job

There are many companies that are looking for bookkeepers. Simply doing a search online will prove that. Yes, many companies require experience and education before hiring, but some will allow you to learn with a bookkeeping job. Maybe you know someone who has their own small business. You could offer to do their bookkeeping in exchange for the opportunity to learn. Learning this way will help you gain the experience you need to find work in the future or start your own business.

As I mentioned before I learned by working for a friend. The benefit of this was that he was able to focus on his getting new customers and bidding on jobs while I learned how to do such things as accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll. I kept the paperwork organized and was able to learn quickly as I faced new situations on a regular basis.

You Can Learn From Other Bookkeepers

While I was learning on the job and wondering where can I learn bookkeeping I had a friend who had been doing bookkeeping for a number of years. I was able to talk to her on many different occasions and ask questions. Her experience and answers proved to be invaluable to me. If you know someone who is a bookkeeper, see if they would be willing to be available to you as a resource while you learn.

Try not to limit yourself to one source of advice. By having access to more than one source of information, you widen the scope of understanding you will gain. People have different ways of doing things and you might find something from each that you would like to adapt to your way of doing things. You also want to be sure that you are getting good information, so using numerous sources helps to confirm what you are learning.

You Can Learn With a Home Study Course

There are some home study courses available for learning bookkeeping, accounting and taxes. The course I took was one offered by Universal Accounting. Not only do they teach bookkeeping, but you can learn taxes from them as well. Learning at home allows you to learn at your own pace and when it is convenient for you. It is an excellent way to learn from the comfort of your own home.

Any course in bookkeeping that is a quality course like the course I took will do an excellent job of preparing you for an exciting career in bookkeeping. It should involve an in depth discussion of the subject of bookkeeping and accounting principles and show you how to do the actual work of bookkeeping. An added bonus is one that will show you how to start your own business or find employment as a bookkeeper.

You Can Learn by Reading Books

While I was asking myself where can I learn bookkeeping, I knew that was easier for me to learn something by doing it than reading about it. Nevertheless, whether you learn well by reading or not, it is very helpful to have reading material to help increase your knowledge of a subject.

A very good way to find books on the subject of bookkeeping is to visit an online bookstore and do a search for books about bookkeeping. This way you will be able to read samples of the books and reviews from others who have read them. There are many books to choose from and if you do learn well by reading it is a low cost way of getting started in bookkeeping.

You Can Learn With a College Degree Program

Although I have not found a college bookkeeping program, there are plenty of accounting degree programs in colleges and universities. Earning a degree in accounting can be quite rewarding. It can open doors for you to work in many different industries. You could work for one company in their accounting department or work for an accounting firm that serves numerous clients across many different industries.

Ultimately, you never stop learning in bookkeeping. When you ask yourself the question “ Where can I learn bookkeeping ”, look for creative answers to this question. There are resources everywhere. There are many others who share the same passion for bookkeeping and accounting excellence as you do. All you need is the desire and willingness to learn and keep learning. The longer you stay in this profession and the more you learn, the more you will discover opportunities and open doors.

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