Dome Bookkeeping Software

Dome bookkeeping software is called Accounting By Computer or ABC for Windows. It is the software version of their forms bookkeeping system. The cost for the software is about $65 and is not available for download. The company will mail your purchase on CD. ABC works on Windows XP or Vista, with a version available for older systems as well. A demo is available for download which make it easy to try the software before you by. It is an excellent demo that actually allows you to use the program and not just see descriptions of what it can do.

The main screen has the usual menu items at the top and then six large buttons in the middle of the window. It resizes well to accommodate your monitor. The buttons take you to the following windows, which are called pages in this program. They are: 

Enter MDSE-Material
Enter Other Expense
Enter Total Receipt
Enter Memos
Enter Payroll
View Totals

You can click on column headings to sort information in the ‘MDSE.-Materials’ and ‘Other Expense’ pages. The pages do not have a heading to tell you which month you are entering data in so you have to be sure to click the ‘Turn Page’ button to see which month you are in. The same applies if you are using more than one bank account in the Dome bookkeeping software. You must choose the ‘Bank’ button to change between bank accounts. Each page of the program is laid out in a very basic and easy to use format. 

Enter MDSE.-Materials

This page has 4 Columns titled Day, To Whom Paid, Check No, and Amount. You can use the tab key on your keyboard to move across the column to make your entries. There are eight buttons at the bottom of this window.

Print: allows you to print the register by month.
Bank: allows you to specify which bank account register you are using at the moment. It also allows you to modify or create bank accounts in the Dome bookkeeping software that will be used in your Billminder, Receipt’s, Other Expenses, and Merchandise and Materials pages. The bank account modify page includes fields for bank account name, account number, starting balance, current balance, next receipt number and next check number.
Turn Page: this opens a small window that shows a list of each month so you can choose which month to go to for making entries in the Dome bookkeeping software.
Repeat Expense: if you click on one of the rows on your MDSE.-Materials page and then click this button, it will repeat that particular entry on the next open row.
Other Details: This button opens a window that somewhat resembles a check. It includes card, pay to the order of, memo, date, check number, and amount fields.
Card: cards are used in Billminder, Receipts, Other Expenses, and Merchandise and Materials pages. The card field has a button you can click that takes you to another window for entering further information. Here you can setup unique customer numbers for your customer and vendor accounts as well as their name, billing and shipping address, customer type and comments. This allows you to set up a default expense and default income account to be used for each customer or vendor.
Exit: takes you to main screen.
Delete: deletes the selected entry.

Enter Other Expense:

This page in the Dome bookkeeping software includes the same columns as the Enter MDSE.-Materials page with one additional column titled Account. The Account column is where you enter the number associated with the expense account used in each transaction entered in this register. If you don’t remember the number for each expense account, just click the ‘Choose Account’ button at the bottom of the page to find it in the list of accounts.

Enter Total Receipts

This page is where you enter income items. The columns on this page are titled Day, Received From, Receipt No., Account and Amount. At the bottom of the page are the same buttons as the previous two pages mentioned, but Repeat Expense is now Repeat Income.

Enter Memos

This is where you can make notes by date. You cannot modify the date the notes are made. They are tracked by the actual day you make the notes. From this window you can choose to view a report of your memos by clicking the View Report button.

Enter Payroll

This brings up the payroll register by month. Here you click on a row and another window opens allowing you to choose the employee you are creating a paycheck for. Once you choose the employee, another window opens allowing you to input check number, date, and gross pay. All deductions and the net pay are automatically calculated.

View Totals

This button takes you to a list of your income and expense accounts in the Dome bookkeeping software, and shows totals for each account by month.

The menus at the top of the main screen with their submenus are:

Company: create, modify, select, delete, optimize, backup, restore, open from backup.
Pages: here you will find the main screen buttons repeated plus bank reconciliation.
Reports: income/expense detail, transaction list, account list, profit and loss statement, tax breakdown, memo list, payroll report, budget comparison, check printing, card list, printer setup. It includes 3 spreadsheets titled - For Your Accountant, Statement of Net Worth, and Conversion Worksheet.
Billminder: set up and generate recurring bills.
Windows Application: takes you to Wordpad or Calculator.
Setup: setup customer cards, accounts, and bank accounts, and payroll items.

All in all the Dome bookkeeping software is extremely easy to setup and use. It is a great solution for small businesses that don’t have a lot of records to keep track of and have recurring transactions on a monthly basis. I would definitely recommend downloading the trial version and taking your time with it to see if it would be a good fit for the accounting needs of your business.


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